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Damuite Exhibition serve Chinese local small and medium-sized enterprises; maintains good relations with domestic and foreign partners such as TDC of the Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT and UFI; focuses on international market development and tailor overseas marketing mode for enterprises; Damuite business covers exhibition hosting,exhibition organization,business investigation and media promotion ,exhibits transportation,tourism,multi-national visa and a series of promotino services.


Our main areas are Fire protection, Safety, Police, Wine, Food, Consumer Products, Gas, Personal Protection, Medical Equipment, etc.

Our Services —— Visa guidance: One-stop visa service;Private order: For different purposes and requirements of going abroad, we provide a professional team to help customers customize the itinerary plan that best meets their needs;Subsidy application: We provide guidance for overseas exhibitors to apply for development funds;Overseas PR: We provide rich media resources and public relations experience;Global Business Travel: According to the specific characteristics and requirements of different groups, we will recommend and arrange suitable inspection activities;Certified agent: We provide companies with third-party certification agencies for product certification, safety inspection and testing in various countries around the world.

Shanghai headquarters address

Tel: 0086-021-60509079

Business hotline: 0086-13524565447

Address: 1406, building 6, Huiyang building, 

Lane 1139, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai

QQ:2880806082 、1870183286

E-mail: amanda@damuite.com

Address of Shenyang Branch

Business hotline: 0086 13524565447

Address: Langqin Taiyuan center, 

59 Zhongshan Road, Heping District, Shenyang

QQ:2880806082 、1870183286

E-mail: amanda@damuite.com

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Shanghai headquarters: 0086-021-50790370 15921601047


Shanghai headquarters: 1406, building 6, Huiyang building, Lane 1139, Pudong Avenue, Shanghai

Shenyang Branch: Langqin Taiyuan center, 59 Zhongshan Road, Heping District, Shenyang

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